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03 April 2012

No Name Kitten, Day Three.

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Life is good upside down.

He's insistent about sitting on my shoulders.

Exploring outside.

Getting closer to Cierra.

And a little closer.

Cierra relaxes with her new ball while No Name kitten plays with rocks.

Trying to balance on my shoulder.

Playing with Cierra's ball.

He's so small but so bold at 8 weeks old.

My pretty girl with her new dog toy. I wanted to see how this holds up before I buy the larger version.

Something startled No Name kitten, love the fluffy frightful tail.

Playing ball with my girl.

He wanted to come see me while I was sitting in the grass but he didn't want to step on the grass.

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Anonymous said...

he is so friggin cute! p.s. sorry it's taken me so long to mail the tent! I promise it will be coming to you.