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15 April 2012

Hiking: Mitchell Spring Wash, Lake Pleasant

I hiked with my mommy today.

We hiked about a mile in to Mitchell Spring Wash at Lake Pleasant.

We parked at Betty's Trail Rides. Neither Betty nor most of her horses were there. There were three horses roaming the property, along with four goats and several dogs.

Animals have always loved my mom.

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This is exactly what my mom is all about, animals gravitate to her like white on rice.

A look back.

There's not really a hiking trail, we followed a combination of the wash and the wild burro trails.

My mom, doing battle with a tree. She was removing the dead branches so we could walk by without having to duck (which is what I did).

Shady dog.

A good rock to rest on. When I hiked with my friend JJ last week, we sat at the same place.

I thought the tree roots and rocks were cool looking.

My Sonoran desert.

My favorite (and only) pup.

I don't have tall, tall trees, but I do have tall, tall saguaros.

A half mile hike leads us here, to Lake Pleasant. It's quiet here, we only saw one fisherman looking for catfish.

Little Miss Gray Face. Stop aging, please.

There's a nice breeze that comes off the lake, it's a nice place to sit, relax and daydream.

Or sit and visit with your mommy.

My mom blazing the wild burro's trail.

Neat rocks.

Scenery along the hike.

Wild burro trail.

A very large Cat. Can you see my dog?

My girl.

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