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31 March 2012

Jager's Visit

Jager came for an overnight visit - YAY!!! We just adore Jager.
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Jager's here!

Cierra and her friend Jager.

Cierra's new frisbee.

Suki is not happy to see Jager.

A few minor corrections and we had better dog - cat harmony.

Jager's Grandpa lives next door, she can hear him. They have a small dog, so while Jager is welcome, she has more fun over here =}

Jager's tennis ball action shot.

Happy Jager.

Ready to catch the ball.

"Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball"

A face to love.

Yes, I'm talking about you Jager.

Another tennis ball action shot.

Jager's sitting pretty. This might be her "turn on the water hose, please" face.

It's 90+ degrees today and my girl is sitting in the sun.

Jager is so smart. I told her, "you're hot, you should go lay in the shade", and she did. If I say that to my girl she just looks at me.

Drying off after playing in the water hose.

Drying off after playing in the water hose.

I love having the soft green grass for the dogs.


Cierra is making a mean face at Jager.

All Jager wants is the tennis ball, Cierra must have told her in dog language that it's ok.

Jager has the tennis ball and is happy now.

Suki has been growling at Jager all day. Then, suddenly, breaks the ice.

This cat - dog psychology moment left me wondering "what just happened?".

I guess butt sniffing crosses species boundaries.

More water hose play time and more face drying.

Because a wet dog is a happy dog.

Love my girl.

Jager, always drys her face thoroughly.


Cierra, squishing her squeaky ball.

Lastly, weeds are flowers too.

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