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08 February 2012

Lazy Days

These days seem quiet, but it's just the calm before the storm. Heli-ski season is just around the corner and then the fun (and busy) begins.

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Suki and Cierra will snuggle together now and then, but neither will let me capture it on camera. Suki tries to preen Cierra's paws and ears. The kitten's rough textured tongue makes Cierra twitch. She likes it but she doesn't like it. They're a funny pair.

Cierra is the object of love, adoration and fun from our neighbor boys. They gave her a Valentine's Day gift - a heart shaped container filled with dog toys. Cierra took a nap with her green football today.

My pretty girl.

This looks uncomfortable, but Suki seems content.

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Anonymous said...

Love the third from the bottom pic! (actually love them all but this one is my favorite). GSD have the best expressions that just make me want to smooch their faces and hug em tight! Makes my heart melt and be all gooey.