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03 December 2011

A Tribute to Jafo, 1986-1999

I've always thought of myself as a Doberman Pincher girl at heart. I miss my Doberman, Gallagher, very much. Since fostering and adopting Cierra, I've found a new place in my heart for the German Shepherd.

Jafo was My Honey's dog before my time. I never knew Jafo, but I know how much he meant to PJ. I was recently telling a friend about Jafo, and how I wish I could have known him.

When I hear stories about Jafo, I get the impression that for all the wonderful things Jafo was, he was a little bit snarky too. In Jafo's 12 years, he traveled to more places than a lot of humans get to see in their lifetime.

Jafo was a true, inseparable companion and lived a wonderful life. After Jafo passed, his momma put together a photo album for him. I sat down to scan one or two photos and ended up scanning most of them.

I couldn't pick just a few to share, so here's Jafo.
[Click on photos to view a larger image]

Look at those puppy paws!

And those puppy ears, oh my!

Jafo as a puppy with his friend Gunner.

Jafo in Albuquerque, NM.

Jafo with the Riverside County Sheriffs Department, Search and Rescue Team.

Jafo assisting in a search for lost hikers in Idyllwild, CA.

A handsome boy.

My Honey with Jafo.

On top of the world.

A happy dog.

A well behaved guest in Albuquerque, NM.

Snow dog.

Jafo at Pathfinder Ranch, scent training.

Scent training.

During ski patrol, Jafo rode on the ski lift and had his own ski lift pass.

Ski patrol.

Jafo at ski patrol (see his ski lift pass?).

Jafo, waiting in the ski patrol hut.

A happy traveler.

Travel companions.

A well packed truck. Jafo always had his own place to sit and sleep in the truck.

Travel-dog. I have the green companion to the red food/water bowl in the back of the truck.

Happy in the snow.

Bite work:

Because it's always fun to bite the bad guy.

Good night Jafo.

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