“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

12 November 2011

Hiking: Thunderbird Park

I met my daughter and her father at Thunderbird Park today. I didn't have my GPS with me to map the tracks, but we hiked about four miles. It was overcast but warm-ish, it was a good day for a hike.
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Looking at Pinnacle Peak Rd/59th Avenue.

Cloudy skies.

I tried a few times to get her to stand in the Y of that tree, but she wasn't having it.

Horse and rider sharing a snack.

Jessica taking a break from hiking and sketching the scenery. My mom is a natural-born artist. I can't even write neatly. I think both of my children inherited some of my mom's talent for art and writing.

Jessica. A piece of my heart sitting there.

Jessica's dog, Uno, a Miniature Pincher. Uno is a good dog, not as spastic as this photo makes him look.

Jessica, onward and upward. She was quite the little trooper on this hike.

One of the peaks in the distance has an American flag on top. And, this was the area that Jessica was looking at while she was sketching.

Views from the trail.

At home, the clouds looked like a big fan as the sun set.

"A tired dog is a good dog." -Me.

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