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07 September 2011

Snuggly Pets

Cierra's birthday was Aug 26th. She's seven years old now. I owe her a birthday hike, it was too hot to take her out on her birthday. The weather-guesser has promised the 110 degree days are gone for now.
[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

HW and Cierra.

Suki snuggles up with her puppy.

She's difficult to see, but Neko is sprawled out belly up sleeping. Suki is trying to push her way in to her seat.

Suki on Neko's legs.

Suki resting her head on Neko's legs while bird watching.

Suki (aka: Devil Kitten) says "I see you bought yourself a new jacket, it's mine now, thank you".



Suki goes outside with Cierra. She also comes in with Cierra. I'm dog-training my kitten to come when called.

Discovering "sharp".

Heaven help me, there she goes. In the five years I've lived in this neighborhood, I've never seen a stray cat outside. The coyotes keep the population of outside cats down to zero.

This is her favorite place to lay down, next to the African fertility carving. Speaking of fertility, I need to have Suki spayed soon.

Cierra and Suki outside. Neko (the smart kitten) is inside.

Stalking her prey.

Attacking her prey.

Sleeping on her prey.

I asked my bird loving friend what kind of bird this is, he says it looks like a Vireo.

I say it looks like it's hot and miserable. There's a hummingbird in the background trying to shoo the little bird off its hummingbird feeder.

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