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10 September 2011

Banksy, Kitties, and My Pup

The eagle has landed. *sigh of relief*

Last week I ordered my Banksy tank top. I had to have this because: James wrote a school paper about Banksy last year; it's a helicopter; the helicopter has a pink bow; the tank top is green.

Who is Banksy? Website HERE.

James' school paper was about the Let Them Eat Crack, rat mural, photo below:
[Click on photos to see them enlarged]


How could I not love this?!

My pretty girl.


How I love my dog.

Suki and Neko, bird watching.

The lioness' at the watering hole.

Neither of these kittens can meow very well. They make squeaky noises while bird watching.

Prowling. I've pretty much got Suki trained to go outside and come back inside with Cierra. Neko, not so much, I think she should simply stay inside the house.

My kittens are weird.

Kitten hug, headlock style.

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