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19 August 2011

Jagermeister's Visit

The kitties day started out fairly normal.
[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

Suki claimed Cierra's dog toys.

She decided that they smelled and tasted ok.

And then she kicked the crap out of Cierra's nylabone.

Cierra and Neko share the morning sunshine by the door.

Jager's here, Jager's here!

Run, run, run.

Suki was less than pleased with Jager's visit.

Jager, playing ball.

The girls, trying to out-pee one another.

Jager and Neko having a sniff.

Jager. It was nice to see her, I wish My Honey was here to see her too.

Jager and Cierra.


Jager spotted a tiny feather stuck to the hummingbird feeder and was mesmerized by it.

Run, Jager, run.

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CreoleInDC said...

Laughing at Suki! LOL!