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16 June 2011

The Kittens @ 10 Weeks (movie)

[Pause the MUSIC, on the right ---> Then play the video].

Kittens @ 10 weeks from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

We adopted Suki and Neko as feral kittens. We believe they are approximately 8 - 10 weeks old.

Neko (black kitten) was probably separated from her momma too soon. She had been captured, spayed and released. Feral cats who are spayed/neutered have their ear tipped. She was picked up by kids in an apartment complex and that's where we got her. She took to Cierra easily, she walks on her, plays with her and curls up to sleep with her.

Suki (multi-colored kitten) was a healthier when we adopted her, she was born in a junk yard and she was living with a family with kids and dogs. She is taking a little longer to adapt to Cierra, but each day there is progress.

The two kittens get along great, they play, play, play. They are a joy to have.

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