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27 June 2011

Flying High In The Sky In Colorado

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

This is Ken, he's a supervisor. We took him out to see if his crew was working.

This is Barb, it's her first helicopter ride. I think she's happy - she's smiling and not screaming :)

Cierra, she's an experienced passenger.

Our happy girl, flying with the doors off.

Colorado views.

Have good cigar, will fly.

My Honey, xo

My Honey and his helicopter. In the mountains in Colorado.

It's so pretty here.

Go home to Arizona? I don't think so.

Ken looking down on his crew. Yes, they're working.

This is Trevor. We had to pick him up early, his wife is in labor. My best wishes to them and their new baby.

Cierra, swimming in the pond.

She walks for miles.

This is her "are you coming?" look.

One of a million squirrels. I haven't had much luck getting close to them, they disappear in the blink of an eye.

Cierra, exploring in the area where we park the helicopter.

Deer in a nearby field. The male has a lopsided rack.

Colorado wildflowers:

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