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22 May 2011

Two Woofs

We've been busy while James and Gennette are visiting.

We were able to visit with Jessica (James' sister).

We ate at Smashburger - a new place for all of us.

A stop at the feed store for dog food is like a mini-field trip to a petting zoo for Gennette. There were chicks and ducks and piglets and a rooster and assorted small birds and other things. She wants a duck - quack.

Adventures at a gumball machine with a handful of quarters gave us a bouncy ball; two tiny hippos and the tiny panda bear Gennette wanted. What sound does a panda bear make?

Today we took the dogs to Lake Pleasant.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

Lily, she could hear James inside the house.

Cierra, after playing in the garden hose, because a wet dog is a happy dog.

Drying off in the soft green grass.

Lily, drying off her face.

Lily's backside.

Cierra is a happy girl.

Very content.

Lily, shaking off the water.

Cierra seems to be guarding the Cuz balls.

At Lake Pleasant. A short hike to the water.

Four girls.

James' self portrait.

Unique clouds and vultures waiting to pick up the dead hikers.

"Throw the stick, throw the stick, throw the stick".

Lily brings back the stick.

Cierra steals the stick. She lets Lily do the work. "Work smarter, not harder".

My favorite son and my favorite dog.

The girls enjoying the water.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming.

Lily and Cierra.

A bloom on a barrel cactus.


Cierra collecting rocks.


Your kids do this too, right? I thought so.

My pretty girl.


Cierra, moving rocks.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far".

Someone has their stick.

Lily could do this all day.

Saguaro blooms.

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