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26 March 2011

Of Sadness, Sorrows, Joy and Hope

I admit I had mixed feelings about attending an event marking the one year anniversary of the accident that took the life of very dear friends and injured several others. I have visited the accident and memorial site several times over the past year on the way to or from my mom's house. I spent some time at the site Thursday, leaving a wreath of flowers, a bandana and a card. Friday they asked that we give time and space to those most closely involved in the accident, and I can understand that. I did go today and I'm glad I did. I was able to see some much loved and seldom seen familiar faces where hugs abound. The tears flowed freely with a mixture of sorrow and joy. After the event I visited with a very dear friend and his lovely parents. I came home to a quiet house but I know I am loved and cherished by my Honey from afar.

The local motorcycle community is mourning the loss of Kimmy Chapman. I know that Dayle and many other angels who ride where waiting for Kimmy with open arms. Prayers for healing are needed for Mark Tapp. Kimmy and Mark's friends and families have my sincere prayers for peace and healing.

Rest in Peace Kimmy and heal well Mark.

Scripture from my friend Lori, thank you Lori:
Revelation 21:3 & 4, where God promises to wipe out every tear from our eyes, even death will be no more.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

At the memorial site, an outpouring of love:

Ernie's ride.

Ernie's t-shirt. That's the spirit Ernie :)

Ernie and Julie, with Julie's new Harley.

White bandanas fill the tree.

A lovely view of beautiful people.

Thank you for your prayer Mikey.
(I may be the only person on this planet who calls him Mikey. Mike is a dear friend with a heart of gold).

Melissa sang Faith Hill's song "There You'll Be".

Me, Julie, Nicki, Dayle's Mom and Margie.

Some of the group rode to Bartlett Lake. I'm so happy to see John riding again. We've known John for four years, he always rides sweep.

Photo credits belong to various members of PMRG and PMCK.

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