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20 March 2011

Bananas And A Full Moon

Today I specifically went to the store for one missing ingredient to bake banana bread. When I came home, I realized Jager had been counter-surfing and had taken my perfect-for-banana-bread-bananas outside and chewed on them. Grrr...

For a variety of reasons, I have opted not to do Schutzhund work with Jager. I think she would excel in it, and I hope her owners will do that with her once they get settled in their new home. I will continue to walk with her and work on her basic manners (like not counter-surfing). She's very vocal. She's head strong, but very smart.

I heard some good advise today: "My advise to everyone is to always keep going, keep going, do not give up, and right when it's the absolute hardest, push a little bit more". -Christina Perri, Singer & Songwriter "Jar of Hearts".

I baked My Honey's favorite cookies and will put them in the mail tomorrow. (Hi Honey, I love you, xo). Mailing cookies 3,550 miles seems silly but they're baked with love and taste better than any store bought cookie.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

My view of the moon, Mar. 18th.

The girls sitting side by side. They're not quite ready for this yet.

My attempts at photographing the full moon, Mar. 19th:

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