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26 November 2010

Welcome Melissa

We'll be doing some long term dog sitting. Melissa will stay with us until her owner moves in to his new house. We're not sure what kind of dog she is, but she's young, happy and healthy.

The name Melissa is Greek meaning "honey bee". She does have a honey colored coat.

Cierra says, "You're bringing a what in to my house?!"

"And you want me to do what with her?!"

Welcome, Melissa.

Melissa, relaxing.

A little dog in a big bed. Cierra is graciously letting her guest have her favorite down-filled bed.

Melissa is very comfortable in the soft down.

Melissa was a stray, she will have a good forever home filled with activity, walking and hiking. While she's here she'll receive some basic obedience training. We're happy to have her here, and Cierra is too.

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