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31 October 2010

Goodbye Telluride, Northern Colorado Random Photos

The firetruck at KTEX (Telluride) out for a morning stroll.

Wispy clouds over Telluride.

Views from KTEX (Telluride).

North of Telluride.

Honk the horn while driving through the tunnel :)

Another tunnel, more honking.

Colorado views near Fort Collins.

A squirrel in Fort Collins. The squirrel had food and the birds wanted it.

The squirrel used his tail as cover to keep safe from the birds.

The squirrel finished his snack without having to share with the birds.

We took Cierra to the dog park.

Cierra met Keva, a young German Shepherd puppy.

Two dogs sharing a stick.

Pretty Keva.

Cierra and Keva look to see what another dog has to chew on.

I commented to PJ that I thought this dog was intimidated by the dog park scene, she stood in one place for a while. I also thought she had pretty colors in her coat.

Cierra comes along to say "Hi" to the pretty dog.

And then moves on.

Cierra has her own football, its name is Wilson.

As these guys tossed the football to one another, several dogs watched.

"Throw the ball" "Throw the ball" "Throw the ball"

My pretty girl.

Dusk in Northern Colorado.

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Joanne Casey said...

Dogs everywhere! I love it.