“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

13 October 2010

Colorado to Arizona, Random Things

During a crew shift change in Colorado, we have a break from flying. We hope to return next week, it largely depends on the weather. We drove from Colorado to Arizona and are contemplating California, New Mexico and beyond... who knows... it's all good when you have a healthy dose of wanderlust.

The Dolores River in Colorado. Cierra and I stopped for a short break here. PJ flew overhead while we were here, we chatted on the radio and he circled around and thanks to his search and rescue skills could see me and where I'd parked the truck in the trees.

This stretch of road in Colorado reminded me of Sedona, Arizona... sort-of, kinda, but not really. I think it was simply the red rocks.

Indian country near the four corners area.

Indian country near the four corners area.

A stranger gave me a yellow rose.

If I had a few minutes and an indestructible rose, I could teach Cierra to hold the flower between her teeth, but I opted for this easy photo instead.

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