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22 September 2010

Flying High In The Sky, Ketchikan Alaska to Medford Oregon

Today we flew from Ketchikan to Seattle to Creswell (fuel stop) and Medford. The helicopters home base is near Medford, Oregon.

We flew near Mount St. Helens in Washington. It was interesting to see this historic volcano up close.

We may fly the helicopter to its next destination. Or we may drive to our next destination. It's truly a day to day adventure.

Our next stop in our travels is to pick up Cierra (woof!). I know she's having a wonderful vacation with her Auntie and three furry cousins in the cool mountains of California... but she's my girl and I miss her. I am anxious to pick her up and have her back with me everyday. Soon she'll be flying high in the sky, lucky girl.

I had another urgent need to visit a dentist and was fortunate to find Dr. Robert Stebbins in Medford Oregon. He and his staff were sweet and wonderful and professional. I mentioned my recent dentist visit to Dr. Andrew Wappett in Fairbanks Alaska and Dr. Stebbins was a childhood friend of Dr. Wappett -- small world!

Ketchikan, Alaska

Downtown Ketchikan.

It was very quiet in town. Why? No cruise ships were due to come in to Ketchikan. No tourists = no need to open the shop. No one wanted my money.

Alder Dam at Alder Lake, Washington.

Tall trees in Washington.

Approaching Mount St. Helens.

Washington scenery.

Getting closer to Mount St. Helens.

Mount St. Helens, north face.

Mount St. Helens. Steam can be seen rising from the mountain, just left of center in this photo.

Looking North from Mount St. Helens.

Looking North from Mount St. Helens.

Fun clouds over Washington.

Columbia River, the border between Washington and Oregon.

A smiley face in a field in Oregon.

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