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17 August 2010

Deadhorse - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

PJ's two days off are accompanied with some repair work on the helicopter. PJ, myself and Al (the mechanic) flew to Deadhorse.

Deadhorse is unlike any town (or city) I've ever seen. It's all industrial, it seems people come here to work, eat and sleep. There are no restaurants, no stores, or entertainment. There are a few hotels in town with cafeteria style dining 24-hours a day.

Most buildings and hotels here resemble something from a Mad Max movie. The hotel we are staying in is the newest and nicest hotel in all of the North Slope.

Terrain on the way from Inigok to Deadhorse.

PJ's mechanic, Al. I made him smile - heh, heh :)

Alaska's Colville River.

The Dino Tunnel.
BLM - Alaska Dinosaurs (text)
Dinosaurs On Ice (video)

A helping hand flying the helicopter.

The Alaska pipeline.

A view of Deadhorse - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Our rental truck and N31MH. There are no real truck rental companies in Deadhorse. The local oil and natural gas companies will rent their trucks to visitors.

The Aurora hotel bonanza of fresh food, all of it is free with the cost of our room.

Chips, cereal, oatmeal, donuts, cookies - oh my! They have fountain soft drinks with ice... coca-cola over ice *crunch, crunch, crunch*.

Our hotel, The Aurora.

The third floor of The Aurora, has a nice room for relaxing by the fire.

Also on the third floor, a game room with a pool table, ping pong table, darts, and a Wii. I'm learning how to play pool.


Deadhorse ducks.

The post office in Deadhorse - Prudhoe Bay. It's only open a few hours per day. It's located inside a building that consists of a parts store and general store. The only store in Deadhorse.

Laura with N31MH on the North Slope.

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http://meinemischlingshuendin.blogspot.com said...

Guten Morgen Laura,
Bin wie immer überwältigt von Deinen schönen Bildern, die Natur begeistert mich immer wieder, man kann auch sehen, wie gut es Dir dabei geht.

Viele liebe Grüsse aus Speyer am Rhein von Hanna