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28 April 2010

Aloha Family

Thanks to the internet... I've reconnected with my family in Hawaii... my mom is one of five siblings: Marie (my mom), Donna, Gwen, Bill, and Stephen.

My Uncle Stephen has located information about his family using ancestry.com, he has interesting stories to share.

He has also been kind enough to scan some family photos and email them to me.

Uncle Stephen (my mom's brother), Aunt Yuko, and my cousins Eve and Daisy.

My mom and I in Hawaii, 1970-something.

I think this is my Grandma Helen (stripped shirt) with Gwen (the youngest), Donna and Marie (my mom).

My mom as a baby.

My Grandma Helen, and my mom as a little girl.

My mom is the baby in this picture.

My great Grandmother Yoshino Nakahira, my Grandma Helen, and my mom as a little girl.

My mom, Marie.

My Grandma Helen is a twin. Sisters: Jean and Helen.

My dad and mom... Hawaii, 1965.

My mom and dad's wedding day, 1965. This is the only known photo with all five of my mom's siblings together.

My mom and I arriving at the airport in Hawaii, 1970-something.

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