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25 March 2010

No Words

Today a dump truck literally ran over my motorcycle riding friends while they were stopped at a traffic light. I have other pictures, but this one pretty much sums up the devastation of the situation.

There were ten riders with three fatalities at the accident site. Dayle passed away the following day.

Please pray for physical and emotional healing for: Ernie, Jason, Tod, Julie, Terry, Will, Margie and Janet.

Please pray for the families of: Dayle, Dan, Clyde, and Steve.

I have no words for the driver of the dump truck, it appears this accident was caused by his inattention*.

*Note: two weeks after the accident, Michael Jakscht was indicted with charges of manslaughter, aggravated assault and endangerment. Toxicology reports found methamphetamines in his system the day of the accident.

God bless my friends, their families and know you have my love and support.

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Brad said...

Our prayers are with you.