“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

20 January 2010

Little Me


1972, 4 years old. My love of hiking came from my mom who took me everywhere she went.

My mom and I, 1971, 3 years old.

My mom and I, 1971, 3 years old. I know this photo is very similar to the one above it but I like how my mom is watching me. My mom has waist length hair pulled in to a pony tail.

Me, happy in Hawaii.


My mom and I in Hawaii, 1970-something.

2133 was the house I mostly grew up in. This was in the 80's. I want those legs back.

Speaking of the 80's... feathered hair and blue eyeliner!

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