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15 January 2010

A Challenge By Pastor Ryan: Random Sevens

I've been following Pastor Ryan's website for some time now. I've not actually met him in real life, for he's far, far away from where I live. His awesome-possum website is here: Pastor Ryan

His challenge:
"If you’re up for it, post a random sevens post on your own blog"

Ok, I can do that.

I don't normally make New Years resolutions, because if I do, then, uh... I have to be responsible for them.

I wrote down about 15 different things I could do in 2010, I'll share 7 of them with you. In 2010, I will:

1) Stop abusing the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink
2) Hike more
3) Drink less cola-cola
4) Adopt a kitten
5) Create $ income $
6) Eat more fruits & veggies
7) Read all of James Michener's fictional books

PS - I've put "Food, Inc" in my Netflix cue.


Kristin said...

Oh my. I should take your lead on #1. Oh the mean things I do to my garbage disposal...

Annie said...

Hi! I'm just stopping over from Reverb. Nice blog and adopting a kitten is the bomb!


Michelle said...

I really like your blog. The photos of your dog are gorgeous. I better not show my husband because he really wants a GSD. Good idea about "Food, Inc." I will add it to my Netflix queue too.