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08 December 2009

Senior Exit Project Zombie

My son is working on his "SEP" = Senior Exit Project.
For those who don't know, my favorite son,
oh, he's my only son,
is a Senior in high school.
Anyway, he's working on his SEP.
He asked my opinion on which image to use as a cover photo for his SEP.
My favorite son plans on becoming an engineer.
So, his cover photo should be engineer-y, engineer-ish, engineer-like.
He may use this one:

I suggested this one, because it's a perfect day for a bananafish:

heh heh...
Then we started talking about zombies.
well, just because.

He asked what kind of vehicle I would want in case of a zombie attack.
I said I would want a big boat, so I could go out to sea, where the zombies couldn't follow me.
He picked this one:

Yup, that oughta do it.

Anything I can do to offer my favorite son moral support from afar.
'Cuz I love my little man.

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