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28 December 2009

Me, He & She - Hiking Westwing Mountain

James and I went hiking with my snarky Shepherd today. We started our hike at the dam in between Westwing Mountain and Eastwing Mountain, then worked our way to the top of Westwing Mountain and home. Cierra had a great time running, fetching sticks, and carrying rocks. Cierra is truly her happiest self when she's out hiking.

Cierra at the top of Westwing Mountain.

James with Cierra at the top of Westwing Mountain.

My big girl up high.

Polka-dotted rock.

Looking back on the trail.

Cierra carrying rocks.

Helper dog is going in with James...

Cierra has a peek inside the small cave.

"What's in here?"

James paused to photograph something but I love the expression on Cierra's puppy-girl face.

James at one of two posts we found that measure water depth.

Cierra with her new pet rock.

James, having a celebratory moment (you had to be there).

Cierra enjoying a game of fetch with James.

My pretty girl resting while we ate lunch in the riverbed.


I guess dead flowers are better than none.

We found a bed of very old cow bones. Cierra is watching James intently to see if a game of fetch is coming on.

James with Cierra.

Behind the dam, not a single drop of water here.

Little flowers.

Happy hiking dog.

Cierra is an expert at following the trail but she never loses sight of me. How I love her.

The road goes on and on but here we turn northwest.

Me with my favorite son, at the beginning of the hike.

James couldn't get both of us to look at the camera at the same time.

Me with Cierra at the top of Westwing Mountain.


Peanut butter & jelly sandwich = yum!

Me with Cierra. The water level is at zero. Good thing, or we'd be under water.

Dry as can be. Send rain.

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