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21 November 2009

Hiking Lake Pleasant, Indian Mesa

Hey Mister! Can I go for a ride with you? Pluheeze?!

Sandstone cliffs.

Rocks on Indian Mesa that are not native to the area.

Deep holes in the ground, there were a few of these, the Ranger wasn't sure what they were used for.

1986, that's the year I graduated from high school.

Living on the edge.

At the top of Indian Mesa, looking down. Indian Mesa is 2,200', we started our hike at 1,700'.

Lake Pleasant, and a very dry Agua Fria riverbed. Please, send rain!

Me 'n my apple, lunch time.

I shared my sandwich with the locals. This is teamwork, three of the ants were walking backwards with one walking forward.

A piece of Indian pottery.

A view of where we hiked from.

I think this is natural, not man-made, but I thought it was cool.

Archaeological Site sign. This is where the Ranger threatened our lives about pocketing the Indian artifacts.

Little red cacti, trying to survive the lack of water.

Weeds. Yes, I will photograph anything and everything.

We're here! Indian Mesa. The man-made wall of stone has two peep-holes to watch who is coming up the trail.

Indian Mesa, the hiking group looking at Lake Pleasant.



The sun shining through a Palo Verde tree.

Ranger Terry showing the hikers how far we have hiked.

Up we go.

Wild burro.

Views along the trail.

The valley we walked through, which is normally under water.

Sandstone cliffs.

I liked this tree root.

Ranger Terry telling lies and alibis. Just kidding, I'm not sure what he was saying.

Some of the happy hikers were from a group in Sun City West (retirement community) and they were so fit they left me in the dust.

Off-trail Frank. This guy was a wealth of great information. And, usually off by himself.

Ranger Terry.

Cottonwood trees.

Cocklebur weed. If my dog was on this hike she would have these in her fur.

Cottonwood trees at the rivers edge.

Off-trail Frank.

The beginning of the hike.

Our destination: Indian Mesa.

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