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28 November 2009

My Black Friday, Part Two - How I Spent My Day

Breakfast of champions (anyone who knows me knows what this is).


It was a beautiful day, 66 degrees with evening rain showers.

The boys, Ike and Doc.

Ike. He's a good boy, he's very accommodating, he likes to stay out of the way and doesn't ask for much.

Cracker and Ike coming in for lunch.

BeBe, ready for lunch.

I think this is Ike again, there are five horses but I ended up with a lot of pictures of Ike.

Cactus Wren. These seemingly fearless birds eat the horse feed.

Cactus Wren.

A beautiful sunset on my way home.

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http://meinemischlingshuendin.blogspot.com said...

Guten Morgen Laura,
heute Morgen begrüsse ich Dich auf Deinem tollen Blog, die Pferde und die Umgebung gefallen mir sehr. Es ist ein Traum aus Deutschland, so viele schöne Dinge sehen zu können. Deine Bilder sind ein Traum. Liebe Grüsse aus Speyer von Hanna