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27 October 2009

James' Ride

My son says their ride started in Corona de Tucson, went through the Santa Rita mountains, Box Canyon, Sonoita, over the Santa Rita mountains via Gunsight Pass and back to Corona de Tucson.

My son's motorcycle.

Because I'm a GIRL, it took me several seconds to figure out just what my son was photographing at this gas stop.

I had to chuckle at the gas station food: soda, pizza, chips, pretzels. These guys must have iron stomachs.

James says this is the "hill test of manhood" = steeper than it looks in a photograph.

James' friend "Pringle Can" decided to ride up the "hill test of manhood".

Near the Santa Rita mountains at the top of Gunsight Pass, the Corona de Tucson side.

Gunsight Pass.

Gunsight Pass.

Gunsight Pass.

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