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07 October 2009

I *Heart* Bacon And Other Ramblings

Late last night, some time after a normal person eats dinner but before midnight snack time, we were hungry. What did we want? Chicken? Hamburgers? Hot Dogs? Bowl of Cereal? Tunafish Sandwich? Pancakes & Eggs? -- WE HAVE A WINNER!

Pancakes, Eggs, and BACON!!!


I rarely buy bacon, but I needed it for a recipe and bought extra.

I tried a new recipe for buttermilk pancakes. Despite a poorly written recipe, I manged not to mess things up and they were great - fluffy, buttermilky, good. If I were a true food blogger, I would have photographed my breakfast for dinner meal but I'm not and I didn't.

We also had bacon. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Bacon makes my mouth happy!

I was also thinking that since helicopter season has been so slow, my website doesn't have much in the way of my travels or helicopters or much of great interest. Mostly, I just ramble about what goes on around the house, or about my dog, or on rare occasion, how I had breakfast for dinner. I just strive to keep my three website followers happy ;o)

hugs from Hundewanderer.

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