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13 October 2009

Horse Care Boot Camp, Day 4

"There's a certain way you have to do it..."

Raise your hand if you've heard that at least once in your lifetime.

*Raising both hands*

A few days ago, when death was hovering over my mom who remained on the sofa day and night, I would ask her "how much do you feed the horses for breakfast...", she'd mumble an answer, most of which I understood.

Now that she's more coherent, I am getting the little details she overlooked when death was lurking.

She feeds the quails half a loaf of bread everyday. She could say: Crumble the bread in a large semi-circle around the big tree. Instead, I hear: There's a certain way you have to do it... and she proceeds to show me. It's cute, in a mom kind of way.

Every beast large and small has access to water here, from the smallest, shortest creature to the biggest, everything has a water pan specifically for them. We go through a lot of water here.

More later...
hugs from HW.

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