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23 October 2009

Horse Care Boot Camp, Day 14

Let's see... in the world of horses, cats, birds, quails, roadrunners, pack rats, bunnies, and more...

My mom said the male Cactus Wrens were fighting over the new nest, so we put up another box at the opposite end of the porch, and the nest building began immediately.

Because my mom loves me, she bought a can of corn beef hash, fried it up, and served it over rice. I haven't had that in more than 20 years. Thanks mom.

Because my mom is Japanese, we eat everything out of little bowls.

I have a birthday party to go to Saturday, which I'm excited about simply to get a break from horse chores and will sleep in my own bed, but I'll be back by 6:30am for the morning feeding. My mom is still not up to par, but slowly improving.

Happy Friday.

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