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30 October 2009

70 degree Perfection - Hiking & Geocaching

Mr. Bosseh-Pants (my hiking buddy) using his new GPS to get close to the geocache.

Found it - now to reach it... it's about 10 feet off the ground.
(By the way, I think this is a bad, bad, bad place to put a geocache. Mother Nature is going to put the smack-down one someone eventually).

The geocache is in a tiny hole in the saguaro.

Mr. Bosseh-Pants got it!


One of two helicopters we saw, I think this is an R44.

Phoenix Police helicopter

A treasure I traded from a geocache. I'm guessing this is stainless steel made with a water jet cutter.

When I took the turtle, I left four Army men and a pup to protect them.

Saw this stuffy laying in the middle of the desert, no clue what it was doing there besides looking sorry. I thought of taking it home, giving it a bath and giving it to my dog, but I left it near where I'd found it.

Sitting on top of the East side of Westwing Mountain, sometimes there is water behind the dam.

A unique feature on Westwing Mountain - lichen covered rocks and quartz.

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