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21 September 2009

Ride to Madera Canyon, near Tucson, AZ

A ride movie followed by photos :o)

[Pause the MUSIC, on the right --> Then play the movie].

A bigger, more awesome-'possum version of this same movie is here: Madera Canyon

Our friend Dale's movie: Madera Canyon 09.20.09 I'm in this movie (rather than hiding behind the camera), I'm on the Harley. The BIG Harley, not the little Harley. The brunette woman, not the blond woman.

Upper Madera Canyon: I didn't see any bears, owls, butterflies or bluebirds; but I did see trees, mountains and felt the cooler temperatures.

Our friends Eric & Nancy.

Our friend Dale, along side Eric & Nancy.

I love the clouds, getting closer to Madera Canyon.

Don't let the blue skies and clouds fool you, even though it's nearly the end of September, it's still 100+ degrees.

Getting closer to Madera Canyon.

Madera Canyon Road.

Mom & Son.

Mom & Son dressed for the part, me in my Harley clothes and James in his dirt bike clothes.

I love, LOVE, love my little man.

I love this man too.


Madera Canyon, Dale, Eric & Nancy.

Peace, James.

We stopped here for Harley parts.

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