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15 August 2009

Dogs (Kids, Cats and Fish) I Have Loved

I did some "spring cleaning" since it's just too darn hot to do much outside. I consolidated some photos in boxes and frames and wow...

I'm going to guess this was about 1988-ish, I would have been...um, much younger, and I don't remember the puppy's name, she died very young. She was a Shar Pei Mix pup.

Year 2000, my first off-shore fishing trip, I LOVED it, these were my first Flounder.

Gulf Coast of Texas, Frog was an English Bulldog, he stayed with my ex-husband.

Me, the cat, the dog, and my oh-so-cute step-monster Alexa with a fish she caught, and ate, all by herself. Her brother begged for one bite but she refused.

Gallagher, age 4. He was the most amazing, and huge, Doberman Pincher. I loved him very, very much, and I miss him deeply.

Part of the fam, at Clear Lake, TX. We lived in an apartment here and this was our back yard. I loved the lighthouse. Gallagher was a great dog by nature, had I known what I know now about dog training, he would have been stellar.

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