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20 July 2009

Zzzleeepy Girl

About 1-1/2 years ago we brought Cierra in to our home as our first German Shepherd foster dog.

PJ has rescued, fostered and trained several dogs over the years.
Cierra was my first foster dog.
Did anyone actually think I'd give up my first foster girl? Ptttthhh...

The significance of this photo of her sleeping is great because a year ago, this dog wouldn't catnap, not even for a few seconds, she was sky high with anxiety 24 hours a day.

She's a testament to rescue and the goodness that can be achieved.

Now, she's at home, she knows her place, she loves her people, and she's calm.

She sleeps.

For information about Cierra's adoptable friends, visit: Southwest German Shepherd Rescue

1 comment:

TERI said...

So glad you rescued her! She looks very content. Thanks for the comment on my blog!