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17 May 2009

Shepherds, Border Collies and Cows - OH MY!

The cow whisperer using reverse psychology on the bovine.

Say Hi to P-Dog. This is P-Dog's mean face. P-Dog needs to learn some manners.

P-Dog can make a nice face too.


P-Dog and Cierra playing fence tag.

This is D-Dog.
P-Dog and D-Dog are both rescue Shepherds.
PJ and the rescue coordinator are working on the details to see if one of them will come stay with us for some dog training from the cow whisperer.

PJ and a Border Collie. The Border Collie's were there for agility practice.

Cierra at rest while the Border Collie's did their work.

Well, that's not really whats happening here. She's really in a "platz" position, on the other side of the field, for 30 minutes, like a long term, far away, down-stay, I don't know what they call that in German, but she's doing a good job.

Cierra playing in the agility course.

Cierra had no problems trying out these new things.

A tunnel, a fun thing.

Lots of things to sniff, sniff, sniff out here.

"Ohhhhhh, what's thaaaaaatttt?"

"Mom, it said 'moo!'"

"Look Mom, it's a friendly!"

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