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01 March 2009

Firebird One

About a month ago, I happened to be in the right place, at the right time, with Alaska license plates and a curious guy comes along to ask questions about Alaska.

Having pretty eyes may have helped too (inside joke, that's another story).

So, thanks to curious guy, Tim, we were invited to go along on a helicopter ride -- yippee!

We left Deer Valley Airport, flew over Squaw Peak, ASU, the Kiwanis Catch-a-Wave car show, Lakeshore Dr, South Mountain and back to Deer Valley. Somewhere in there we circled and looked for a bad guy - that's Daniel with the binoculars. Daniel and Steve were my pilots today. PJ and Tim stayed on the ground. Maria and I had the helicopter to ourselves.

We were in the air about an hour. It was very cool.

I have video to sort and make a movie with, that'll take me a little longer but I wanted to post a few pictures of my big city.

We landed at South Mountain for a view of the city.

I think this is ASU's Karsten Golf Course

Salt River

Daniel, looking for bad guys

Approaching Squaw Peak

Looking at downtown Phoenix

The car show

Downtown Phoenix


Squaw Peak


PJ and Tim



Where the helicopters sleep

Lo Jack for helicopters - I want one of these

PJ and Steve - yackin' about helicopter stuff

Laura and Steve. Steve knows my dad, I better behave

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