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18 January 2009

Cierra's One Year Anniversary With Us

One year ago I really, really, really wanted a dog.

PJ said NO.

I'm passionate about Doberman Pinchers, I miss my Doberman named Gallagher very much.

I knew that PJ had raised and trained several German Shepherds in the past, so I approached him with the idea that we could foster a German Shepherd. That way I have a dog, but he doesn't really OWN a dog.

After meeting with the local adoption coordinator and being approved as a foster home, PJ browsed the little pup faces peering at him on the rescue website. He picked a female named Cierra, and with Steff's (the adoption coordinator and hero to many GSD's) approval, Cierra came to stay with us as our first foster dog. She didn't really come with an instruction manual, I think Steff trusted that PJ knew what he was doing given his background with the GSD.

German Shepherds were new to me but most big dogs are cool dogs and I was immediately fascinated with her long soft fur. Little did I know that because I wanted a dog, I had to do the training of this dog (*uh-oh*). PJ, the dog trainer, is training me to train the dog - most of the time it is productive, just ask Cierra when it's ok to cross the street.

After having Cierra at home for a couple months Steff contacted us and said that a family wanted to come meet Cierra. I somewhat hysterically said No, No, No! And, we adopted Cierra. On Easter Sunday she became our forever dog.

Cierra has been with us for one year now. I made a one year anniversary movie for her. Enjoy.

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