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03 December 2008

Microcache & the Million Dollars Cache

I hiked Sunrise Mountain today. Along the way I stopped to locate a microcache, I don't usually seek out microcaches but this one had a unique hiding place. I also placed a new cache, it's called the Million Dollars Cache, the FTF (first to find) prize is one million dollars! I hope the first finder has a sense of humor, it's a long hike.

Cierra relaxing in her back yard after her 5 mile hike (notice her ever-present ball)

A microcache (inside the cigar tube)

Cierra and I sitting near the cache site

Cierra asking "What do you mean, DON'T fetch this?!"

Me, near the Million Dollars cache site, just below where I am standing

Can you see the cache? No? Good. It's there.

One million dollars for the first finder of the Million Dollars Cache

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