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21 December 2008

Me Flying N350SB (Astar)


Tony said...

Hey, Looks like you had fun! I was just wondering if you got to take off like I did and give PJ a heart attack like I gave to Kevin?

Hundewanderer said...

With good instruction there were no heart attacks ;o)

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun do you own that helicopter, can anyone go for a ride, where was that at and how much would it cost?

Hundewanderer said...

Dear Anonymous,
1. no
2. no
3. Louisiana
4. I'm not really qualified to answer that. However, if you want to fly in a helicopter as a passenger, look for local tourist operations. If you want to take lessons and learn to fly, I suggest you google 'helicopter lessons' and see what is available in your area. From what I understand it can be very expensive. If you can, talk to other pilots, ask them how they learned to fly, they often have interesting stories and may have good ideas for you.
5. good luck