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27 September 2008

9 Cache Map = 6 Cache Find

James created a list of 9 geocaches and drew a map for us to follow for a day of geocaching. We started in the city and made our way out in to the desert. We did not find 2 of them, skipped 1, and found 6. It was a fun, busy day!

Too big for the swing? I think not

Hey James, whatcha doin' by that tree?

Ahhh... clever place to hide a cache

James, king of the mountain. Look at the development below and we wonder where has the desert gone?


Cool tree-like cactus at one of the trailheads, I'd like to know what this is called

Leaving the pavement, let the fun begin!

No honey, I did not drive your truck on whoopties designed for quads...

Mom and son having way too much fun in the desert

The Alaskamobile in the desert at a CAP canal

I found a heart shaped rock, and I took it home

Jooohhhhhnnnn... you want me to hike up there?! UGH!!!

James' view atop a CAP tunnel


The Alaskamobile in the Arizona desert

James near a cache site

James, smiling at our last cache find of the day

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