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14 August 2008

A 2,000 mile road trip to satisfy my inner gypsy

Cierra and I drove to Weaverville, CA to spend some time with PJ.

I had a short yet wonderful conversation with a local fire t-shirt vendor. Talking with her helped me realize that after the tragic accident at Trinity Alps how much I needed to be here to ease my worries. People from all across the United States are here and work very hard to save the land, homes, and peoples lives. The presence of personnel here to fight fires is big, Californians should be grateful.

Highway 299 through Shasta, Whiskeyville, in to Weaverville and beyond is beautiful with twisty mountain roads, rivers, lakes, and big trees. I drove to the coast to Trinidad where I saw sea lions for the first time. I've also traveled along Highway 3 to Trinity Lake. Much of the area has been touched by wildfires. It has been nice to see new places. Cierra and I got in to poison oak somewhere in our travels.

Cierra is a wonderful travel companion.

Below are a few photos of our travels, I have many more photos and videos to sort through when I get home. Click on any photo to see a larger view.

UPDATE: In 15 days, my total mileage driven was approximately 3,810 miles.

Smoky sky's near Weaverville, CA

PJ & Laura, Trinity River

Cierra, Trinity River

Sea Lions near Trinidad, CA

Cierra & a BIG bear

Cierra at a pond near a site used for gold mining, Hwy 3

Laura & Cierra, near Trinidad, CA

After touching poison oak you'd think I'd stop playing with Mother Nature

This tiny snake was in the river, he (or she) had a full belly

My little tar baby at Trinity Lake

Cierra posing with her good side to the camera, near Trinity Lake, Hwy 3

Cierra is still overcoming some fears, with some coaxing, she did cross the river

Colorful sky's, Hwy 3

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