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11 January 2017

Welcome To The Pack: Liam

On December 24th two "German Shepherd" puppies became available for adoption at Maricopa County's East shelter.  Many people came to adopt them.  The Universe conspired, someone got lucky.  
Aunty Julie has kept an eye on the puppies while they were in the shelter.  Liam at 8 weeks. 
Brother and sister.  
Post-neuter and the ride home.
I honestly had no intention of keeping Liam.  My intention was to give him a good start and send him on his way.  After letting my big Boca bear go, I didn't think I was in a good place to adopt another.  
I haven't had a puppy this young in my care for many years, puppies are a 24/7 affair.  
There are some coincidences about young Liam that I couldn't ignore.  Liam's birthday is on a very special day.  
I can't pinpoint the defining moment I knew Liam had to stay.  I knew that I wanted to give Liam the chance to be the very best Malinois he can be.  In my search for opportunities for a working dog in Southern Arizona, I found SARCI.  I've long had an interest in Search & Rescue work.  Some pro's for me: I'm already a licensed ham radio operator, while working with helicopters I've had some exposure to high altitude rescues, and I like to hike.  I'll attend my first SRDI meeting in January.  Liam is a bright boy, I'm excited to see how a future as a SAR dog looks for Liam. 
Liam at 12 weeks.  Welcome to the pack Liam.  

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