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31 December 2016

Good Night, Boca. I Love You, My Bear.

Oct 31, 2008 - Dec 31, 2016

Boca was rescued in December 2013 from a California shelter.  Thin, scarred and blind, he was extremely animal aggressive.  

Boca joined our pack and learned to behave like a gentleman.  He became a mentor to many rescued dogs who were also labeled as aggressive.  We adopted Boca as a permanent pack member.
Matriarch "Cierra" and Patriarch "Boca". 
Neighborhood walk. 
Despite being blind, Boca had a strong personality and was seemingly fearless.  Boca loved to hike.  
Hera came to us to be rehabilitated for severe fear issues, however, she became a permanent pack member.  Boca and Hera (aka: Papa Bear and Baby Bear) were best of friends, they relied on one another.
Hera, Ginger and Boca.
Boca became sick.  He rapidly lost weight, I was feeding him more than double what he used to eat.  His 105 pound body stabilized at 88 pounds.
A variety of tests from his vet ruled out a lot of things, but never what the root of the problem was.  His vitamin B12 levels were low and I began injections at home, along with a few supplements and probiotics.  
Boca bear didn't feel well and stopped eating.  He, and the pack, had given me many hints that I had a very difficult decision to make about the quality of his life.  
Snuggling with his blanket.
Boca, I love you so. 
An afternoon in our happy place, at Madera Canyon. 
"With blind eyes, I see how much you love me."  -Boca
Madera Canyon.
Madera Canyon. 
Madera Canyon.
Good night, Boca bear.
Wherever you are, I hope that your sight is restored along with the tips of your ears and that your heart is filled with love as big as your bear paws.  I miss you greatly. 

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