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31 May 2015

Hiking: Madera Canyon, Old Baldy Trail to Josephine Saddle

We had an incident in the parking lot that led to some trust issues early in the hike.  He recovered quickly and we had a great hike.
I chose a random trail, I happened to pick a steep and rocky trail.
Cooling his paws in the stream.
We opted for "very steep trail" towards Josephine Saddle.
Next time we'll go this way.  So many new-to-me trails to explore.
Trail obstacles to make the hike more interesting for the blind dog.
No problem with going under.  Boca is 'watching' the birder/photographer we passed on the trail. 
Getting cooled off again.
You're amazing Boca, truly. 
More steep and rocky trail.
Cooling our paws again.
No lack for trail obstacles.
I think the red flowers are called Indian Paintbrush.
*steeper than it looks*
It was here that I said "nope", we turned around and headed back.
Cooling the whole undercarriage.
Lovely hike, you did great Boca bear.
Lowest elevation 5,230' and highest elevation 5,896' for an EG of 666'. 
We didn't complete Josephine Saddle, maybe next time. 
2.7 miles
YTD: 18.1 miles

Butterflies at Madera Canyon from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

Boca at Madera Canyon from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

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