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29 May 2015

Hiking: Madera Canyon, Nature Trail

Not today vulture.
"That's not funny mom, get it off!"  -Boca.
The fastest way to soften up a fairly new leather leash, drag it through the dirt and the water.
Working on trust and recall with Hera.  To be the hiking companion Cierra was, Hera has some big paws to fill.
Boca enjoyed himself very much, he was moving full speed ahead. 
Boca was amazing with trusting wherever I led him, even in to the water. 
Happy Boca.
A nice place to sit and relax.
A couple water bugs or water beetles.  The one on the rock was the size of my whole thumb.
Hera had so much fun today. 
Letting Hera wander.  She was good about keeping me in sight.
Kisses from Hera.  I think Boca is saying "blech". 
One mile.  A small but mighty hike.  We had a good time.
YTD: 15.4

Where I hiked is the tiny section in green, there is so much more to explore! 

Boca & Hera, Madera Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona. from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

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