“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

29 December 2014

Hiking: Lake Pleasant

We hiked through Morgan City Wash, Chalky Spring Wash, and all around the desert.  61 degrees, lovely day.
3.8 miles.
YTD: 119.4
Tree at the edge of the wash has lost its footing.
Morgan City Wash. 
Cool rocks. 
More rocks. 
Entering Chalky Springs Wash. 
Natures cubby holes. 
Creeping Water Bug. 
Giant Water Bug. 
Creeping Water Bug. 
If there were water this would be a lovely waterfall and small pool. 
An old road. 
Frank walking up the old road to the moon. 
Frank in the desert. 
Frank's lookout. 
Roaming the desert. 
Bottom left: an aluminum can is stuck in a hole likely drilled for blasting based on the debris field downhill. 
Headed in to a slot canyon. 
Slot canyon. 
Looking down at the canyon we walked through. 
Slippery slope.  
Making our way down to the wash (center).
Rocks I carried home. 
Me & my shadow. 

P1150582 from Olive on Vimeo.

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