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14 September 2014

Daily Dog & Goodbye Ariel

Kobe and Rexx.
Rexx smothering snuggling PJ. 
Just when I said: "I don't know why this beautiful red girl hasn't been adopted yet", her prince called and they met today.
Zane, butt sitting on the ottoman. 
Genghis with his leg in his mouth, almost asleep. 
Yes Hera, Momma Bear will bite you.
Ariel getting ready to go human shopping.  
Ariel meeting her new family.  Wonderful people. 
Ariel's new human will complete the adoption process tomorrow.  We're very happy for Ariel.  
Ariel getting to know her new family. 
Six year old triplets!  What a day meeting these beauties! 
Kobe says "pfffttt...". 
Kobe loves PJ. 
Hi Kobe. 

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Kasia said...

I hope Ariel will be happy with new family ! :-)