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09 April 2012

Tired Of Dog - Cat Photos Yet? I Thought Not.

[Click any photo to see a larger version]

Sleeping on the cords. Maybe I should find a way to neaten those up soon.

Napping on the speaker.

No Name kitten is sleeping with his head pressed against the window screen.

Watching a movie of himself.

Ever so slowly, these two are learning to tolerate each other. I think the amount of trouble dished out by each one of them is equal.

With temperatures in the 90's the water hose is her friend.

Pausing before attacking the pink leaf.

Playing with the dogs tail.


Licking his chops.

Got the dogs tail. Cierra really doesn't like this but tolerates it for the sake of not having any other choice - pack rules.

Rolling around after playing in the water.

Dog - cat Eskimo kisses.

Look! I got all three of them in one photo!

Trouble makers - both of them.

"I don't know either Cierra". No Name kitten is constant commotion.

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