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12 April 2012

"It's hard to find the blunt end on a kitten"

Thank you to my friend Joanne in the UK for the title of today's post.

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Endless energy.

My furry family: Suki (11-months), No-name kitten (9-weeks), and Cierra (7 years).

Suki, bringing home dinner.

"Touch the Dove? No, I didn't."

Pffft, pffft, pffft...

"Can I have another taste?".
(The Dove was disposed of, no one ate it.)

Frightened kitten.

Say "hello" to my little friend. I took this one from Suki, he was still alive.

Big and Little.

My pretty kitty, Suki.

Cierra received a gift from her friend Argos in Colorado.

A dog tent. I didn't know there was such a thing.

Assembly and I are not friends. But this was fairly easy.

No-name kitten was the first one inside the tent.

Cierra has a look inside.

And in she goes.

The dog and cats had a blast playing inside, outside and all around the tent.


"Look out Suki, here comes trouble!".

Cierra, resting comfortably in her dog tent.

Playtime for the cats.

Air vents make great play places for cats and kittens.

No-name kitten looking to see if Suki is coming back to play.

Cat - Kitten fun.

No-name kitten and Cierra playing.
(There is no audio in this video, the clicking sounds are from the camera auto-focusing.)

Suki & no-name kitten playing in the dog tent.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Love this post! No Name Kitty is so rambunctious! Love watching Cierra play with her. Glad all liked the tent.